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This album landed in my inbox over the weekend and I couldn’t get it downloaded and playing fast enough.

Joey Kneiser is the lead singer of the Murfreesboro, Tennessee based Americana outfit, Glossary. While Glossary is currently prepping their new album, Feral Fire, for a February 2, 2010 release Joey decided to offer up his brand new solo album, The All-Night Bedroom Revival, for free download. It’s a must get for any Glossary fan and a great intro for anyone wondering who in the hell we’re raving about.

Joey Kneiser - Adelina     

Joey Kneiser - Bruised Ribs     


  1. Brit Brit
    November 24, 2009    

    I had heard nothing about this but I’m super excited to listen to it. I can’t listen to Joey without picturing him waving his hand up in the air. Hopefully Glossary will bring some albums with them the week before the official release date so I can get one at the show.

  2. Brandon Brandon
    November 24, 2009    

    Oh hell yea…Just in time for the Turkey Day Drive.

  3. Brent Brent
    November 24, 2009    


  4. Summer Summer
    November 24, 2009    

    I have been waiting for new music from them for over a year!! It’s great to hear about Joey’s new album and their release in February!!!!

  5. Joe Joe
    November 24, 2009    

    This is great. Thanks for keeping us posted with all this great music. I can’t wait for their new album

  6. alex supertramp alex supertramp
    November 25, 2009    

    thanks for the heads up on the release (and thanks to Joey for looking out for the fans – and of course getting us fully psyched for Feb 2!!)

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