Give Me My XXX is a grassroots movement intended to give “outer-edge” artists a common umbrella to call home as well as a place for fans of a band to try and find other “like sounded” bands. They’ve been releasing some compilations under the “Southern Independent” moniker and offering them up for free download over on Last week, they released Vol. 3 which features a track from the upcoming Scott H. Biram album, Bad Ingredients, as well as a track from a band we champion the shit out of around here, Have Gun Will Travel. If that wasn’t reason enough to grab the compilation, it also features an unreleased track from Waylon Jennings in which The Old 97’s acted as his back up band. Rhett Miller describes:

The Old 97’s were touring behind our second album, Wreck Your Life, in 1995 when we wound up playing a radio convention where who should appear in the front row of our showcase, but the great Waylon Jennings. He introduced himself after the set and was such a cool down-to-earth dude. He had an idea that we would be a good backing band for him on the record he was hoping to make next. Needless to say, we were into the idea.

“The Other Shoe” and a few other tracks were recorded a few weeks later but never saw a release cause Waylon’s health began to deteriorate shortly after.

Anyhow, if you’re into the idea of checking out some new music along with some familiar artists with no fiscal risk check out the Southern Independent Vol. 3 Compilation available for free download here.

Track Listing:

01. The Other Shoe / Waylon Jennings & The Old 97’s
02. I Want My Mojo Back / Scott H. Biram
03. Officer Guererro / Lucky Tubb
04. What Happened Last Night? / Amanda Shires
05. Another Love Song / Ted Russell Kamp
06. To The Victor Go The Spoils / Have Gun Will Travel
07. Run Around / Austin Lucas
08. Hard Times / Tyler Childers
09. Nola / High or Hellwater
10. Gettin’ By / Six Shot Revival
11. Lesson In A Bottle / Blackberry Smoke
12. The Devil’s Gotta’ Earn / Brett Detar
13. Jumping The Sharks / Carter Falco
14. Heaven Anywhere / Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real
15. Outlaw Shit / Struggle feat. Yelawolf


  1. Is anyone else having trouble downloading this? I signed up and everything but it keeps saying I need to login whenever I click on the download button (and I’m already logged in). Sounds like you’ve have enough problems with your own site the past week or two, but I don’t see anywhere/body to contact on their site.

  2. Hmmmm. I had no problems downloading it. I just logged in on the page where it says “you must be logged in to access download”….then it goes back to the main page (one linked in this post)….I click the album cover then, on the next page, I click on the Click Here To Download link.

    1. I’ll try it again later, I did the same thing but it keeps sending me back to the “must be logged in” then I log in again click the link and get sent back again (tried it in chrome and explorer). Maybe since I just registered for it today my account still needs to be processed or something. Not a big deal I’m probably doing something wrong – I’ll wait a while and try again later. Thanks for checking it out though.

      1. I had problems with SI vol II but figured it out somehow, and now I’m having the same ish with SI vol III. What is the deal…. so close to the music, yet so far away..

  3. Can anyone send me this or know where I can download, was going through my music collection and realized I missed volume 3.Found this site searching for it. Thanks

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