Tuscaloosa, Alabamaians, The Dexateens have followed to recent trend and have decided to offer up their new album for free with a tip jar beside it. I was gonna type up a big description of this fabulous band but I thought Tim Kerr did a better job than I would have on the Sky Bucket site so I’ll just quote him:

Here’s the deal … you can hear their newest recording right now for free. I could sit here and write you my definition of what they sound like. Give you a little sign post to help find your way more clearly, but why!? You can download the music FOR FREE and come up with your own definition.If it ends up being something that you are not that into, well then pass it on to a friend.

You can download the album here. The Dexateens will also be out on the road with The Drive-By Truckers in May…if they happen to be in your town get to the show early and check them out.

The Dexateens – Altar Blues