LOL. The other day I said it was policy not to write about EP’s, only to then write about an EP. Well I am gonna follow that up by, less than a week later, writing about another EP. I mean, wtf is policy for if it’s not to be blatantly disregarded, right?

Anyhow, Frank Turner was someone whose name I read and heard a lot, but whose music I’d never heard. Matter of fact, it reached a point where I was hearing his name so much and hearing his music so little that I began to wonder if it was a case of the reality not matching the hype. When I saw that he was opening up the Lucero/Social Distortion tour I decided that I was gonna avoid listening to any of his recorded material and let his live show be my initial point of reference.

He took the stage that night and opened with a song I disliked so much that by the end of it I had moved from the front of the venue to the very back. I was lost, and it was gonna take something pretty epic to win me back. Frank and his band took that challenge and pretty much maintained awesome for the remainder of their set. By the end of the third song I was back in the front, and somewhere in the middle of the set I was tweeting about how Frank Turner is the perfect mix of Tim Barry and The Gaslight Anthem. Was I drunk? Well, of course, it was a Lucero show, but the comparison has held up under the careful examination of this here EP.

Now I’ll be honest, after that show my intent was to starting acquiring Frank Turner albums like a dog does fleas, but it just hasn’t happened. That said, this EP has reignited that fire. As an added bonus, only one song on the EP will appear on the new album, which is due sometime in the future.

Frank Turner – I Still Believe
Frank Turner – To Absent Friend

Frank Turner’s Official Site, Frank Turner on Facebook, Buy The Rock And Roll EP


  1. Funnily enough, the first time I heard about (and something by) Frank Turner was on one of your podcasts. Ever since then I’ve been a huge fan. I got LOVE IRE & SONG immediately and I almost listened to it every single day last winter during my afternoon walks. I tend to ignore what’s “hip” and therefore often simply don’t know what is popular and what not, and was surprised how well known and loved he is here (compared to similar great dudes nobody has ever heard about for some reason). Anyway, I second that you should get LOVE IRE & SONG, but I also have to say that I usually love 2/3 of his records – some of the best songs ever written among them, I dare say – but the other 1/3 leaves me cold. I hope the EP gets a vinyl release. And I can’t wait for the new LP in spring!

  2. He is one of today’s great songwriters. I have to agree with everyone else and say if you don’t own Love Ire and Song then your music collection is definitely missing one of the best albums of the last 5 years. His newer stuff is over produced, but the great song writing is still there. I will also add that Micah Schnabel is in awe of his song writing skills so that definitely says something.

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