Frank Turner is huge in England. I’m talking Wimbley arena & playing the frigging Olympics opening ceremonies huge. Here in America. Eh. He’s somewhere between Lucero and Tim Barry…..devout as all hell following, but pretty much unknown when you get right down to it.

It would genuinely surprise me if any of the regular 9b readership wasn’t already well versed in Frank but you never know and by publishing this there is a slight chance I’ll turn someone (via the mp3 aggregators) onto Frank.

When I am trying to turn someone onto Frank Turner I describe him as the English version of Tim Barry which is to say; a more positive, more refined, wimpier version of Tim Barry. If you’re not familiar with Frank, Last Minutes & Lost Evenings is the perfect entry point. The album is, for all intents and purposes, a greatest hits album that was put together in a specific attempt to raise his profile here in the states. That said, if you’re already a Frankenfan there is no need to get this album unless you’re a wierdo completest.

Since this is just a collection of my favorite tracks I wanna label this Essential Listening but since it’s just a collection of all my favorite songs from other albums; I won’t.

Frank Turner – I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous
Frank Turner – I Still Believe
Frank Turner – The Road

Frank Turner’s Official Site, Frank Turner on Facebook, Frank Turner on Spotify, Buy Last Minutes & Lost Evenings


  1. It’s actually a 2 disc set with the second disc being a DVD of the full Wembley show.

  2. I discovered Frank Turner pretty randomly, and didn’t know anyone else who had ever heard of him. Then I caught him in concert, and discovered that devout following you mentioned. It was seriously one of the most intense (and awesome) concerts of my entire life.

    1. I just saw him in concert a few months back and can verify the intensity and awesomeness of the show. I brought a friend who had never really listened to him, but was a fan by the end of the night.

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