Flashback Friday: This Corrosion

This week’s Flashback Friday comes from the begrudgingly goth kings The Sisters of Mercy. I have occasionally mentioned that I spent quite a few years immersed in the goth/industrial scene, a scene that is centered around the club. Long before pop rappers started talking about “da club,” goth kids were spending as much time as possible in the club. There was DNA/911/The Parthenon/Masquerade/The Edge/The Visage/Empire/Evolution/Tracks, and the lone remainder of that part of my past, The Castle.

For the first few years I would just lurk around the dance floor and watch the people dance while I got drunk. I wanted to dance but I was so sure that the moment I walked out there everyone else was gonna stop and watch me…..point….and laugh. I was sure of it. Every week I would drive to DNA giving myself the “this week is the week I dance” pep talk. Hey, I never claimed not to be a huge dork. Weeks came, weeks passed, pep talk after pep talk wasted..shit, I even practiced in my bedroom. It gets even more pathetic but I’ll stop there….I think you get the picture.

The pieces were put in place to change everything one weekend though. I met a girl at the club that happened to live in Tallahassee. We hit it off due to our common undying love for all things FSU football, and at the end of the night exchanged email addresses (super geeky high-tech back then). Over the next few weeks we exchanged emails and spent countless hours in IRC channels chatting. Soon it was decided that I should go up to Tally and hangout, and we could go to a football game and party. So off I went.

I get there on a Friday night and we go to this club that played goth and industrial upstairs on the weekends. There was no pep talk…she’s dancing with her friends, I’m drinking with some of her other friends. I had already noticed that tally goth kids did not dance like Tampa industrial kids and I suddenly realized that it did not matter who laughed, I wasn’t ever gonna see anyone in this club again after this weekend. Well, as Cooley says in that great Drive-By Trucker song “Women Without Whiskey”…whiskey don’t make you do a thing; it just let’s you. Suddenly, the tell tale chanting of This Corrosion starts and god damned if I ain’t out on the floor all of a sudden…dancing! I could not have possibly picked a worse song…ten minutes long, a freaking eternity for a limited moves self-conscious novice such as myself. Probably 7 minutes into it I gave up and went to order a shot but the seeds were sewn and I never stopped dancing after that. So let this be a lesson kids! Need to do something new, go to a foreign town and get drunk. With that I offer you Andrew and his goth voice, whether he likes it or not:

Sisters of Mercy – This Corrosion

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  1. lol, nerd. i keep randomly stumbling onto yr blog from hypem. hope you and erin are well!

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