Flashback Friday: The Cult

So, tonight….in a way my life comes full circle. 17 years ago, on Valentines Day I saw The Cult on their Sonic Temple tour….it was the first concert I had ever gone to by myself and my level of love for The Cult was not matched….I screamed, cheered and banged my head….On the way home from the show my friend Tony kept calling it the “killer rip your face off concert from hell”….oh yeah…Tonight, I am going to see The Cult for my second time and while I can not maintain the level of enthusiasm I had the first time around I am pretty freakin’ excited and I hope like hell it is a good show….so, I decided to do today’s Flashback Friday on The Cult.

Flashback Song: The Cult – King Contrary Man

When I was younger I had to go visit my grandmother in Jacksonville for 2 weeks every summer. It was during one of these trips I first became exposed to The Cult. My cousin had a cassette of The Cult – Electric….we were skateboarding in the street in front of the gram’s house and he stuck it in the boombox…first song, side B….The opening riffs of King Contrary Man come out of the speakers and grabbed a hold of me immediately. Then, the lyrical content…man, for a 14 or 15 year old…I loved it!….I played that tape every moment of everyday of that trip….even made the grandmother play in in the car cassette player when we were out and about….and at the end of the trip….oh you best believe I stole that fucking tape and thus began my love affair with The Cult.

remember kids….Flashback Friday can be a reader participation topic. have a song and a story from your “back in the days”? email it to me.

edit: I wrote this up a few days ago….but this morning, as I post it I am listening to Sonic Temple and I may have been wrong about my original enthusiasm being unmatched.