Flashback Friday-ish: The Cult – Born Into This

Last year I wrote a Flashback Friday piece about how I first came to know The Cult. You can read it here if you wish. Last week saw the release of The Cults’ eighth studio album (and first in six years), Born Into This. Since I am and admitted Cult fanatic, I decided to go grab it during that first week and after reading bad review after bad review I decided to write something about it. Hell, the kids over on Blabbermouth were so down on it that I started to question if I really liked it or if I liked the band so much I was forcing myself to like it. I only had to think about how much I hated the Drive-By Trucker’s (my favorite band) last effort, A Blessing and A Curse, to know that probably wasn’t the case. Besides, Blabbermouth is a lot like Pitchfork, it is entertaining in small doses and most everything I like is completely reviled over there.

Now, I am not gonna sit here and tell you this is the best album The Cult has ever done, it simply doesn’t compare to anything circa Sonic Temple and before. However, it is the best thing they’ve done since Sonic Temple, IMO. The fact that it is their most rock album since Sonic Temple probably has a little to do with that. There, just one old time Cult fan’s opinion.

The Cult – Born Into This
The Cult – Diamonds
The Cult – Dirty Little Rock Star

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  1. I’ve been a fan since Dreamtime came out. The new one has a few good tracks, especially “Holy Mountain”. I really like Ian’s vocals in that one. I would say that the self titled Cult album from 94 was their best since “Love” though.

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