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Flashback Friday: DBT/Lucero

I am doing a different type of Flashback Friday this week since I am about to walk out the door for a 650 +/- mile road trip to see The Drive-by Truckers and Lucero. There is no shortage of people out there that will tell you how downloading is killing the industry…starving artists..etc. etc. Well, mp3’s put me on the current path I am on.

I was looking through my favorite mp3 newsgroup when I saw the band name “Drive-by Truckers”. It was an advance copy of the cd “Decoration Day” but it was the band name that caught my attention so I downloaded it. A few weeks later I got around to listening to it and fell in love. I am a lyrics guy and the stories told on that cd captivated me….what was “When the Pin Hit’s the Shell” about….was “Decoration Day” a true story…did his daddy really tell him not to call what he was wearing an outfit? The wife was just as enthusiastic about the band and I started doing some internet research which led me to the DBT yahoo group. I wanted more by the band and more music like this so I asked the mailing list for some more bands like this and Lucero was the common thread in all of the replies so I downloaded their self-titled release. While DBT tell stories of the south Lucero tell stories of bars, women, scars and broken hearts. A couple of weeks later I went to Vinyl Fever and picked up “Southern Rock Opera” and “Tennessee“. It has been a complete love affair ever since….all because a band name caught my attention in a newsgroup.

Y’all have a god weekend, I am about to hit the road.

Drive-by Truckers - When the Pin Hit's the Shell     

Drive-by Truckers - Women Without Whiskey     

Drive-by Truckers - My Sweet Annette     

Lucero - Slow Dancing     

Lucero - No Roses No More     

Lucero - Hate and Jealousy     

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