Flashback Friday: Danzig

Long before Thrall made “Mother” a rock radio hit, and long before some random fat dude knocked Glenn Danzig out on youtube, I thought Danzig’s self-titled release was the greatest thing in rock music. From 1988 to 1994 they could do no wrong as far as I was concerned. Right around 1994/1995 Chuck Biscuits (drums), Eerie Von (bass) and John Christ (guitar) all left the band (or got fired) and, in turn, my interest waned and I have not heard anything Glenn has done since. However, for those formative years of 15 to 21 the band takes up an enormous portion of my soundtrack. Though I had not listened to any Danzig in years, I found myself thinking about all of this the other day holding a used copy of the self-titled disc in my hands at my local record store. I decided to pick it up for at least one listen, if nothing else. The second the opening riffs of “Twist of Cain” started, I was right back in my teens. Windows down. Stereo cranked. Devil Fists in the air and a ‘fuck you I’m evil‘ look for the old lady beside me in traffic. I do not care what sort of a caricature Danzig has become over the years. For my youth, Danzig was dangerous and that made him cool.

Danzig – Twist of Cain (from Danzig I)
Danzig – Mother (from Danzig I)
Danzig – Long Way Back From Hell (from Danzig II: Lucifuge)
Danzig – I’m the One (from Danzig II: Lucifuge)
Danzig – Heart of the Devil (from Danzig III: How the Gods Kill)
Danzig – How the Gods Kill (from Danzig III: How the Gods Kill)
Danzig – cantspeak (from Danzig IV)
Danzig – I Don’t Mind the Pain (from Danzig IV)

original lineup

12 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Danzig”

  1. Danzig is a midget. I met him at the San Diego comicon YEARS ago (when he was pushing his “Satanica” cartoon that never got any further than advertisement they made for it). He was sitting down signing autographs when the guy in front of me in line asked if he could take a picture with Glenn. Glenn obliged and stood up from the table. I was amazed to see that he was no taller standing up than he was sitting down.

    One other thing I took from that experience was that Glenn was actually a pretty mellow guy (was real nice to everyone getting autographs), and at that time he was still NOT opposed to signing Misfits stuff. He signed 3 Misfits cds and two vinyl LPs for me and didn’t even give me a dirty look (which I hear is no longer the case). Maybe becuase this was a little bit before the Misfits tried to make a comeback without Glenn.

    The video is pretty funny on Youtube.

  2. He’s a big guy, regardless of bone structure.
    And he sure looks imposing on the Mother video.
    I will even ALWAYS, ALWAYS look up to him.
    But, at 6’3″ (me), will I be (shockingly) staring straight down at Mr. Danzig, if I ever meet him?
    Or is he merely markedly shorter than you might imagine – because you should, ideally, first come to know this man through his art?
    And his art goes there.
    Do people still sit around and talk about Mussolini’s height (5.5 feet)? No.
    They equate his name with the feel of hot iron on the cold flesh.
    As well you should the name “Danzig.”
    But in a different way.

    1. Mussolini? No, people just equate his name with a second-rate fascist loser who died being beaten to a pulp on a pole by his own angry citizens like a fucking pinata. Certainly not “the feel of hot iron on the cold flesh,” you gimpy weirdo. By the way, you look like a hesher hayseed in that pic, bro. Way to feather your bangs, it’s the 21st century!!

  3. the north side kings incident where danzig got hit block knocked off was not random, he precipitated it by pushing the guy first in front of his whore groupies and got what was coming to him.

  4. I crack up at the thought of him being DENIED Wolverine in the X-Men movies. I wonder if he got pissed enough to almost provoke a 2nd knockout 🙂

  5. The funniest thing about Danzig getting knocked out in ONE PUNCH is that not only did he instigate it, but it completely demolishes this Uber Tough Guy Monster image he has been building up for nearly 30 years. In one roundhouse punch, his entire universe was ripped apart. Hahaha!

    Basically it all comes down to shirt-guy syndrome. He’s got the Napoleon complex, and, like Napoleon, he eventually received his comeuppance and now has to live his life in humiliating exhile.

  6. YES. Danzig I was one of the heaviest albums of all time. Really gets into the deep south roots of the devil in blues music and adds a really dark and hard edge to it. Which just makes it one of the most unique albums ever.

  7. i think people who are obssessed with danzigs height need to get a life. The post up above about looking at his music and art first is a good one. danzig never said he could kick everones ass. sorry you assummed that was what he was thinking in all his years. hes just a guy like you and me who is pissed off at the world. only hes in beter shape at 54 and a hell of a lot more talented. over the yrs 1/2 his audience have always been intrigued simply by his mucic and maybe stage presence. he does look cool on stage. but others always look at people as a challenge. like can i take this guy down or not? the rest of us dont care weather we can kick danzigs as or not. since when was music ever about that?

    1. Pssh, I doubt you’ve even seen him live. His “stage presence”… hahaha, he looks like a fat, old, bald midget, dude. Don’t believe me, go see for yourself. Not on a video, in person. He also is a shit live singer, I don’t care what anybody says–always has been, always will be. Danzig shows still pretty much sound like they did when he was in the Misfits. The dude never learned to sing into the mic instead of just going “Yeaaarragh” while he holds it at his chest.

      Honestly, this is the case. I’m not talking about his studio albums, I’m talking about his live shows. They are comical, and he seems far from “in beter shape and a hell of a lot more talented.” Stop being sold on some fabricated dark god image, then saying “he’s just a guy like you and me.” He’s not even a dude like you and me, he’s a fucking subhuman.

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