Flashback Friday: Consolidated

Here comes another band from my goth/industrial youth. I came to know Consolidated via their mega (at least in the Tampa clubs) dance floor hit; “You Suck” featuring The Yeastie Girls. A track with a female rapper tellin the male populous it’s time to go on down, if you know what I mean….if not, just listen to the track down below (pun fully intended). While that song is what Consolidated is best known for in Tampa, they were a lot more than that. Allow me to quote from their Wiki entry:

Consolidated was an American radical activist recording and performing group, formed in 1988 and best known in the early 1990s as an alternative dance/industrial music band. They were distinguished by left-leaning political activism and radical lyrics, as well as their innovative sonic collages which blended industrial and hip-hop styles.

For a year or two Consolidated dominated the the cd player in my car. Their hybrid mash up of hiphop and industrial was pure genius in my mind. All the while their left leaning political preachings were taking root in my political belief system. I would request Butryic Acid on a regular basis at the club and then punch and kick (read: dance) with a complete reckless abandon if it got played. One night I even managed to pull the muscle on the back of my arm and could not pick anything up for 2 damn days.

Now when I think back, I wonder if they were before their time. Years later the hip-hop hybrid sound became all the rage and much less talented acts made a boat load of money. So, on this Friday I raise a pint of Bass to Consolidated and vow to put No Answer for a Dancer on every mix cd I make next month.

Consolidated – Butryic Acid
Consolidated – No Answer for a Dancer
Consolidated – You Suck (featuring The Yeastie Girls)
Consolidated – You Suck (Jack Dangers mix)