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Flashback Friday: a Kiss Album cover

I’ve mentioned before that I spent summers with my Grandmother because both of my folks had to work. When I was small my uncle still lived there and his room was off-limits. One day I snuck in there only to be greeted with this:

Dita is filing for divorce from Manson today.
Scared. the. shit. outta. me. Wikipedia says it was released in 1982 so I was 9 years old. Now, as I’m older, it seems silly to have been frightened of it but I was. I’d sneak in there every morning for weeks after that to see if the cassette was still on his nightstand, and when it was I would run like hell to whatever room my Grandmother was in at the time and not go into the back of the house alone for the rest of that day.

I never became much of a Kiss fan as I grew up. Perhaps this had something to do with it. Some odd pieces of trivia:

  • Three different covers of this album exist—The 1982 original issue, the 1985 reissue (featuring Bruce Kulick and the band without makeup), and the 1997 remastered version (same cover as the original).
  • From 1995 to 1999, Extreme Championship Wrestling‘s Tazz used “War Machine” as his theme music. Today, in World Wrestling Entertainment‘s new version of ECW, Tazz uses an instrumental version with his speaking over the music.

And finally, a portion of a review written by an actual Kiss fan :

Finally, we have the REAL KISS back again!
Creatures of The Night is KISS’ strongest album by far since 1977’s Love Gun. Every song is an ass-kicker though Saint and Sinner kind of blows. War Machine, Killer, I Love It Loud, and Rock and Roll Hell give us Gene at his best–growling, snarling, and mean. Paul’s best song to this point is undeniably I Still Love You. Creatures of The Night, Keep Me Comin’, and Danger are also great songs. It’s too bad that we couldn’t get one last song from Ace, though. I love the heavy bass and drums on this album; it’s as if KISS not only wanted to return as a heavy metal band but they wanted you to FEEL it, too!

So, I’ll take his word for it and offer up this track:

Kiss - War Machine     

Kiss Official Site, Buy Kiss cds

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