Can I coin a new genre? I propose we create a new genre called “Heavy Americana Metal”. Tin Horn Prayer would fall under this moniker. Those Crosstown Rivals are there and so is the Alabama 3 piece that calls themselves Fistful of Beard.

If you like your Americana pretty and intricate and full of thoughtful lyrics that resemble prose more than songs (think Joe Pug) then Fistful of Beard is not for you. That said, if you’re a fan of PBR, Old Crow and guitars. If you’ve always loved Two Cow Garage concerts but felt their albums needed more “oomph” then Until We Know Better is here to fill your needs.

This album begs you to turn it up. It gets better with volume. It doesn’t wanna talk. It wants to fuck. It doesn’t wanna think. It wants to scream and throw rock fists like it’s Pauly D on the Jersey Shore. It doesn’t want coffee and can’t afford craft beer but it’ll be drunk by the nights end.

There is a good chance you won’t like this album. I understand. This type of music ain’t for everyone but it’s damn sure for me and for me, it’s Essential Listening.

Fistful of Beard – 5th Ave.
Fistful of Beard – Daddy’s Breath
Fistful of Beard – In The Casket

Fistful of Beard’s Official Site, Fistful of Beard on Facebook, Fistful of Beard on Spotify, Buy Until We Know Better


  1. Hell yea man love these guys (heard about them on here of course) this is just what I needed to power through my last hour of work…’s finally starting to look like spring and this is a good “intro soundtrack” into it, I do believe!

    Yall been busy at Ninebullets aye? Lots of new posts / reviews / everything – keep up the good work everybody, regardless of whether or not you hear this all the time, it is very much appreciated! Loved the Charles Hale post about McDougall / Bobby, and the one about upcoming releases, as well as the new Robert Childs Guitar (everyone is [non 9B regulars] so stoked on the whole concept that I’ve explained / showed it to, by the way) – also the Caitlin Rose, Wayne Hancok & everything else….this site is killin it!

    I really like how there;s been more “audience participation” lately as well…..”well……well……well” (Whitey Morgan Quote) everybody thanks, & have a good – no scratch that – an excellent weekend, with an extra hour of daylight to boot!

  2. My goodness does the song 5th Avenue rock. Thanks for letting me know about these guys. Cd purchased immediately.

    1. I meant – “Heavy American Metal – Hell Yeah!”….forgive my booze brain

        1. Hmm – That would be a cool t-shirt. I may have to get these together before we head to Huntsville in May to play w/ Fistful of Beard and Todd Farrel Jr.

  3. I think these dudes are way underrated , can’t believe they don’t get more attention yet.

  4. As soon as I read Tin Horn Prayer I stopped reading and hit the play button at the bottom, then went directly to the website to buy it. Heavy Americana Metal!!!

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