FFS Houston! Stop Being A Dick!

You’ve probably already seen this, the Black Lilies had their van and trailer, with all their gear stolen right here in my hometown. This happened in a brightly lit hotel parking lot and was even captured by the security cameras. I am so sick of hearing about all the gear that’s stolen from bands. No, let me rephrase, I am sick of it happening. Of course there’s a fundraising page but that’s not the point. Instruments aren’t always just a thing you own, they have emotional value, each piece has its own unique sound. For touring bands they’re also the tools by which these folks make their living. It makes me sick that it happens so often. Some days I hope there’s actually a hell so fucktards like gear thieves can end up there.

Anyway, visit The Black Lilies’ Facebook page and look through the photos, even if you’re not in Houston as instruments are easy to transport. The assholes that stole this stuff, well, I hope they get what’s coming to them, one way or another.

As much as it sucks, I guess this is a pretty cool way to deal with it and the end verse is pretty hard on the old emotions.

One thought on “FFS Houston! Stop Being A Dick!”

  1. I saw an article about this on SCM, and have had a construction trailer full of tools ripped off before so I know how shitty this is. Obviously there are no failsafes, but I had a few cheap deterrent suggestions (aside from Lojack / tracking, which I’m assuming everyone knows about) I mentioned on there…I figure if even one person reads this / implements any of these it could possibly save their gear

    “as far as the repeated gear thefts (& not just in Houston, doesn’t this happen in San Francisco quite a bit as well) a lot of them look like smash & grabs / crimes of opportunity…I’m surprised how few of these vans have the big ass lockable partitions or at least security cages on the windows (like work vans do for just this reason). Also you see a lot of work vans with padlock setups (in addition to the door locks) so that you can’t just jimmy the (normal) locks.

    Second suggestion regarding the entire vans / trailers being stolen would be either the tire locks (kind of like a boot, there are other designs too – you can get them for $50 – $500 depending on quality) and/or battery / fuel shutoffs (both are fairly cheap < $50 items that are simple to install), I think either of these would be too much effort / noise / etc for most folks doing this – there's a reason that folks that leave heavy equipment / vehicles / etc unattended for periods of time take these sorts of precautions.

    That being said, there's nothing lower than stealing someone's way of making a living, whether it be tools, instruments or whatever…fuck these people"

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