Fear and Loathing on the Thanksgiving concert trail of '06…

Fear and Loathing on the Thanksgiving concert trail of ’06…or Rock Report: Lucero/DBT….or How I Learned to Stop Raging and Love the Traffic…

So, some 2 hotels, 1400 miles in 2 days, and I am here to speak about the Lucero/DBT show at the Alabama Theater. Our original plan was to take off in the wee hours of the morning on the day of the show and return the following morning. As luck would have it all of the people slated to go with us had to back out due to the sexually transmitted disease known as parenthood and the airborne communicable disease known as the cold. So we decided to leave a day earlier and break the trip up across two days. “Breaking the trip up” was a night in Macon, Georgia…we stayed at the home of the most uncomfortable bed in the Southeast. Upon arriving we decided to go have some drinks in the hotel lounge before attempting to sleep on the concrete slab known as a bed — and here is where the fun begins.

Redneck karaoke, 11pm in Macon baby…supermullets, high waisted jeans, and angry drunk people in full effect. We got lucky and walked in just as the karaoke “DJ” was taking a break. We order some double talls and take a seat in the back of the bus….about 10 minutes into the evening supermullet man at the table beside us decides he wants to listen to some songs on the jukebox…now, before I continue this story I must tell you…supermullet man was fucking drunk….stupid drunk…like weeble might wobble dropping cigarettes on the floor fucking drunk, and he was with his woman…a fat…angry looking woman…i do not think she spoke the entire time we were in there, and she was spoken to enough that her lack of speech was odd…but back to the story…supermullet man wanted to listen to the music on the jukebox…one issue: listening to music on a jukebox requires putting money into it, and this was a trick that supermullet man had not perfected…after numerous attempts to get the dollar in he finally ended up on his knees staring into the dollar slot…cussing and pushing this dollar at the slot like a 15 year old with his homecoming date, but in a testament to perseverance, the jukebox like said homecoming date, finally gave up and accepted the dollar. It quickly become apparent to anyone whose sister is not their mother that supermullet man did not believe the rumor that the jukebox had multiple pages and promptly spent 10 minutes trying to figure out what songs he was gonna play…finally he picks his 3 songs….One of which included, i shit you not….70’s era Cher, and sits down to drink and cuss some more while his woman sat in her angry silence. Once Cher ended I begged a dollar out of the wife and beat supermullet man to the dollar slot…mind you, this made supermullet man *really* unhappy, and punched up 3 songs of my own, the first of which was a Merle Haggard song…”At least it’s country” he calls from his table….and then, I wowed him with my jukebox page flipping abilities…..thus ended the night…sorta….the night never ended because sleeping was not a real possibility in the p.o.s. bed so we got up and got going pretty fucking early in the morning….and as a parting shot, the hotel made sure there was no hot water for our showers….cold showers, shit coffee, and one forgotten pillow later we left Macon for Birmingham.

The trip to Birmingham happened without incident. The afternoon leading up to the show was nice and casual with a nap, an FSU and USF game, and a nice lunch with some pretty awesome locals who called each other by Bob….there was Billy Bob, Gary Bob, Skip Bob, and a few other Bobs I can’t recall. They were fun and definitely worth drinking a beer with. Prior to the show we met some Internet pals for food and drinks and then it was off to the Alabama Theater. The trip was the kind of excitement only 8 people in a single car can provide.

Before I talk about the show let me take a moment to talk about the theater. It was built in the 20’s and is beautiful, but that’s all I can say about the venue that is positive…the beer “selection” included Miller Lite and….well…Miller Lite…the mixed drinks were electronically measured aaaaand expensive but this was just a minor annoyance…the security staff on the other hand was probably the most rude I have seen in a long long time…We saw people getting dressed down and harassed all over the place…but whatever…we drank Miller Lite…weak expensive whiskey drinks and avoided the butt-hole security staff and we liked it…..we liked it fine.

The show started, oddly enough, right on time and it was immediately evident that the bulk of Trucker fans are not aware of the awesomeness of Lucero. As I have said before, I drink way too much to remember sets but the show opened with “That Much Further West” and included The War, Kiss the Bottle, 1979 and (2) of my favorites: Slow Dancing and Hate and Jealousy…and while I have never felt so removed from the band at a Lucero show they were still great….sober, but great…The sound at the theater was probably the best I have ever heard at a live show…anywhere…ever…I hope some of the people sitting on their hands appreciated the band and look into their music….I will see Lucero again in a few weeks and while the sound will not be nearly as good it will be nice to be up close and surrounded by fans…Next up, DBT…the reason for the evenin…The last few times I have seen the truckers live it did not seem like they were too into it….it just seemed like they were just up there playing the songs…on this night, that was not the case…oh no, the three axe attack brought the rock show and they brought it with authority…their set was light on new material (tome that was an acknowledgement that the new CD failed to bring the rock) and heavy on rock…the set included 3 trips to the beer/whiskey line, Daddy’s Cup, Zip City, Sinkhole and closed the night out with a cover of Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love….in the lead-in to Let There Be Rock Patterson gave a small monologue discussing the past and future of rock and roll and called The Dexeteens out as the future of rock….I decided then and there that I needed to do a write-up on them boys…their last 2 albums have been phenomenal and you can expect an introduction in a few days. All in all it was an awesome night and the sound quality alone was worth the trip. We were supposed to meet some friends for more drinks after the show but our own intoxication took over on the way to the bar so we did what any responsible person does…..we decided to go to a bar closer to the room….the rest of this evening includes broken laws, broken hearts, body fluids, hungry cops and stories not to be told.

While, honestly, there was no fear on the trip the loathing came into play on the return home. Our 9.5 hour trip up turned into a 12 hour trip home…200 miles of traffic jam…anger, punching steering wheels, questioning god…it was terrible….my braking leg is sore today…but we finally made it home….just in time to watch Dexter no less. I think it is gonna take the rest of the week to recover from the trip but all in all I think it was definitely worth it….and all you Tampa/St. Pete people…December 13 @ The State, Lucero is playing….come…witness the awesomeness that is Lucero…drink beer and sway to sad songs. I do not think DBT will be down Florida way anytime soon.

I tried to take some pictures but they did not really come out due to assigned seating and shitty camera….The few that did turn out are here if you wanna see them.

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  1. I agree many of us hadnt heard of Lucero but man am I glad I do now!! Picked up their new CD absolutley amazing dont deserve to be a headline band.. maybe coheadline

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