ESP, the Americana super-collab of Tim Easton, Leeroy Stagger and Evan Phillips, came together while Easton and Stagger toured around Alaska opening for Phillips main project, The Whipsaws. While the songs started to take shape out on the road, it wasn’t until a winter storm rolled through Girdwood, Alaska that the group, along with the aid of recording engineer Greg Benolkin, started to lay down the tracks that would become One For The Ditch. For two nights and three days the group laid down the majority of the album’s tracks and then capped off the session on the third night by performing for the first time as ESP. Later that year the three reconvened at Easton’s home studio to finish the recordings and add the final touches. The resulting album really reminds me of the material Micah of Two Cow Garage and his father put out, which is something being laid down and distributed not for the money or a fan base, but for the friendship and comradery it was born from. Comfortable and subtle, this album is essential listening for all you folkies at heart.

ESP – Hell of a Life
ESP – One For The Ditch
ESP – Highway 395

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  1. I caught The Whipsaws & Tim Easton down at SXSW and it was one of the highlights of my weekend. Hung with The Whipsaws for a bit and met Tim. All very cool guys, not to mention that these tunes sound great.

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