I haven’t been a fan of Two Cow Garage for that long, which is a travesty, but they have taken a rightful place among most played artists. I went a different route with this intro as, much like Cory, I was working with a limited selection of releases only this time I had but a single bootleg recording with which to supplement. So instead of walking through the Columbus, OH rockers’ career in chronological order I decided to slap down one tape of my favorites from all of their albums and give you the only concert I have in full and un-cut. While seemingly limited two tapes is more than enough to show anyone who’s tastes cross mine that Two Cow Garage is an awesome band. I advise listening to these tapes while point you browser at Suburban Home Records and buy their three albums as quickly as you can.

  • Tracks 01, 08, and 11 are from Speaking In Cursive
  • Tracks 02, 03, 05, 12, and 15 are from III
  • Tracks 04, 07, 09, and 13 are from The Wall Against Our Back
  • Tracks 06, 10, ad=and 14 are from Please Turn The Gas Back On

Track Archive Here

This is a show I found linked on the Drag The River message board. It was formerly hosted on cotapers.org but isn’t in their database anymore. Thankfully there were two seeders for the torrent and it took about eight hours. I’ll probably never know who the seeders were but I owe them a debt of thanks. Also thanks to the original taper: James Freeman for making this available for us. I did convert the FLACs to MP3 for this tape but it’s always nice having FLACs of concerts laying around. And there you have it….

Track Archive Here

Well folks that’s all for this intro. I have one more in the alt-country vein then I am going to bring in some Texas/Red Dirt music to fill out the intros series. I may have two or three more months of weekly intros in me. If you have heard me mention a band and would like to request an intro please feel free to drop me a line on twitter and I’ll see about taking care of it for ya’.

10 thoughts on “ENTER: TWO COW GARAGE”

  1. Much appreciated. I’ve only heard Speaking In Cursive, I really need to get into that back catalog.

  2. It is criminal that more people don’t know Two Cow Garage. I appreciate you spreading the word of our artists. Did I ever tell you, you’re my hero? Friends, listen to Two Cow’s albums on our site, and pick them up in our store. We are having a sale right now on their releases.

  3. As good as their four albums are, you must see this band live to fully appreciate them. Again you must see this band live. They will absolutely make you fall in love with rock n’ roll all over again. I actually look foward to taking people to their first Two Cow show just to see their reaction. Most are speechless. Just pure passionate sweaty ass rock. Man I love this band and they are super cool to have a beer with afterwards.

  4. Two Cow Garage has probably the best live show I have ever witnessed. 250% heart and soul rock n roll.

  5. I’m James Freeman. Wow, that’s cool that there were still some people seeding it. I’m glad you were able to grab it. I’m sure psyched to see Two Cow again at the Sub Home fest.

  6. Thanks much James! I seed it overnight when I remember but I appear to be the only who’s tried to grab it lately. Great recording man…

  7. Two Cow pretty much ruined live music for me. I saw them three nights in a row. Spokane-Seattle and a private club that must remain nameless also in the Puget Sound area. It was the holy grail of Rock. I will probably live forever after that experience. Going to see them in Missoula and also Portland again in a few weeks.

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