Caffeine and Gasoline

Randall grew up a good southern boy who, like many good southern boys, found his way to California where he is currently living in the bay area. With a little twang in the music and some obvious life experience in the lyrics he gives us an album where even the hopeful songs are just a little depressing, maybe because he’s in California and that’s depressing, but musically it’s a good thing. While Caffeine and Gasoline is little bluesier than a lot of what gets billed as modern Americana it’s a welcome departure from the norm. Great guitar riffs and three part harmonies punctuate lyrics like “The night we met your boyfriend beat me up/Then I came to and you were driving me home in my own pickup truck…” throughout the whole album making me think I should pick up some PBR on the way home, drive down to reservoir, open all the windows, crank the tape deck up and knock back a few in the bed of the truck and watch the clouds drift on by. Of course I can’t do that but I can always dream someone will “…get me drunk and take my keys…”

This one is Essential Listening as far as I am concerned.

Elliot Randall & The Deadmen – Good Love
Elliot Randall & The Deadmen – Getting My Nerve Up
Elliot Randall & The Deadmen – Judgement Day

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  1. Been enjoying this album for a couple of months, definitely one of my favorites of the year.

    Solid album from start to finish

  2. Thanks for a great write-up. I am particularly glad you picked up on ‘Getting My Nerve Up’. My favorite on the record.
    Cheers, Dianna (ER’s manager)

  3. @Dianna – Thanks for reading us! These boys are great and I really enjoyed listening to the album for the review and like always I appreciate getting to leave it on the MP3 player because it’s good enough to keep listening to.

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