Eilen Jewell – Sundown Over Ghost Town – 2015


It’s hard to believe it’s been 4 years since Eilen’s last studio album, Queen Of The Minor Key, but when you hear about all the changes in her personal life you totally understand why. Since Queen of The Minor Key was released Eilen packed up her van and moved back to her hometown of Boise (Idaho that is) and gave birth to a baby daughter. Both of which you can hear in these new songs.

For much of Eilen’s career I have described her music as a “50′s rock meets surf rock-Americana” type sound but that’s no longer the case with Sundown Over Ghost Town. No, seems the move from the hustle and bustle of Boston to Boise has manifested itself in a much more laid back, deliberate and patient sound. She still has one of the best backing bands in Americana in Jerry Miller (guitars), Jason Beek (drums) and Johnny Sciascia (upright). She still has her melancholy and casual vocal delivery and she still shows that wry humor from time to time. It’s just all put together in a slightly more deliberate and mature manner this time around.

The result is amazing and I stand by something I wrote back about 4 years ago; “At this point I feel she’s deserving of being mentioned in the same company of some of the female singers getting fuckloads more press, despite being nowhere near as consistent.

Sundown Over Ghost Town (and everything else Eilen has released) is Essential Listening and I present it as yet another piece of evidence in the argument that Eilen Jewell may very well be more than just the Queen of The Minor Key. She very well might be the Queen of Americana music.

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  1. You’re right. She does not get nearly the press she deserves. For what it’s worth, Jason Beek, her drummer, used to host one of the best radio shows I’ve ever listened to. It was on WMBR in Boston and it was called “American Primitive” that’s where I first heard of Eilen around 2005ish. I wish that WMBR still had the show archived. It was tremendous.

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