It took her three solo cds and one Loretta Lynn covers/tribute album, but Eilen has finally admitted what the rest of us already knew; she, indeed, is the queen of the minor key. Eilen is back with her fifth studio album and it continues to perfect that 50′s rock meets surf rock-Americana sound we’ve all grown to expect and love from her. It’s another 14 tracks that are perfect for damned near any mood. Early mornings, late nights, sober, buzzed, half-drunk, fully-drunk, God’s own drunk…it doesn’t matter, Eilen’s got you taken care of. As I said when I wrote about Eilen’s last album, Sea Of Tears, “There really isn’t anyone out there doing what Eilen does, and if there is please tell me who they are.” Not only is Eilen forging her own path, she’s doing it without a misstep….

At this point Eilen has released three albums (all of which, have come out since Gillian felt us worthy of an album) of original content that have all been strong contenders for my Top 10 lists of their respective years of release. This album is no different, so that leads me to ask…am I just that far off with Eilen, or is it the lack of that one explosive single that’s keeping her off the more influential bloggers’ radars? At this point I feel she’s deserving of being mentioned in the same company of some of the female singers getting fuckloads more press, despite being nowhere near as consistent.

Needless to say, Queen of the Minor Key is Essential Listening and I feel Eilen has a legitimate argument for claiming the Queen of Americana music crown.

Eilen Jewell – Queen Of The Minor Key
Eilen Jewell – I Remember You
Eilen Jewell – Bang Bang Bang

Eilen Jewell’s Official Site, Eilen Jewell on Facebook, Buy Queen Of The Minor Key


  1. She had a CD release show in Harrisburg last night, what a great show! Her and her band are so talented, and deserving of some mainstream success.

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