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Last Friday my twitter feed and facebook wall were all a flutter with the news that Jason had taken the stage with the Truckers in Alabama. The news was quickly confirmed by Jason in his twitter feed and I figured it was only a matter of time before a recording of the show hit the internet. First, it was some video of the night here, here and here. Then, the full show hit the torrent sites which you will find below. A lot of people got all excited that this could possibly be the opening chapter of Isbell returning to the band but from what I’ve been told there is exactly no chance of that happening and this night was exactly as it appears; a one off night that the folks in Huntsville were insanely lucky to experience. Bastards.

Anyhow, here’s the show:

  1. Intro     
  2. Birthday Boy     
  3. Go-Go Boots     
  4. Where the Devil Won't Stay     
  5. Putting People on the Moon     
  6. Cartoon Gold     
  7. Box of Spiders     
  8. Pulaski     
  9. Patterson Rap     
  10. Mercy Buckets     
  11. Marry Me     
  12. Boys From Alabama     
  13. Three Dimes Down     
  14. Play It All Night Long     
  15. Get Downtown     
  16. It's Gonna Be (I Told Ya So)     
  17. Drag the Lake Charlie     
  18. Self Destructive Zones     
  19. Sinkhole     
  20. Uncle Frank     
  21. Hell No I Ain't Happy     
  22. Encore Break     
  23. ”Heathens     
    .mp3″ volslider=”y”] (with Jason Isbell)
  24. Carl Perkins Cadillac     
  25. I Used to be a Cop     
  26. Zip City     
  27. ”Let     
    .mp3″ volslider=”y”] (with Jason Isbell)
  28. ”Buttholeville     
    .mp3″ volslider=”y”] (with Jason Isbell)
  29. ”People     
    .mp3″ volslider=”y”] (with Jason Isbell)

If you want to download the complete show you can get it from here as mp3 files or you can get the lossless flac files via torrent from here.

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  1. Adam Fenwick Adam Fenwick
    January 31, 2011    

    Lucky bastards. I only got to see Isbell with the band once, and that was before I knew anything about the band!

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