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Hey guys. Autopsy checking in from puppy hell with a pretty cool little compilation today. This comp first came across the DBT Mailing list a couple of months back. I knew I wanted to post it but I wanted to get some form of permission from the original compiler. Over the past few months I’ve tried in vain to track down the person who put this together in the first place but I’ve had no success. So, to whoever you are, thanks for your efforts.

Here is a collection of various live covers the Truckers have performed over time. Rumor has it there is a sequel to this comp being curated by another DBT Mailing List subscriber. If that comes to pass I hope to post it for y’all as well.


Drive-By Truckers: Someone Elses Songs
(CD Covers)

  1. Country Jam     
  2. Even The Losers     
    (Tom Petty)
  3. Dock Of The Bay     
    (Otis Redding)
  4. Fox On The Run     
    (Osborne Brothers)
  5. Give My Love To Rose     
    (Johnny Cash)
  6. Moonlight Mile     
    (The Rolling Stones)
  7. Let Me Roll It     
  8. Keep On Smilin'     
    (Wet Willie)
  9. Play It All Night Long     
    (Warren Zevon)
  10. Eighteen     
    (Alice Cooper)
  11. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love     
    (Van Halen)
  12. Buttholeville/State Trooper     
    (Bruce Springsteen)
  13. Rock Jam     


  1. December 19, 2008    

    Thanks Autopsy, great comp. Just what I need to survive the hols. Good luck with pup.

  2. TheOtherBrit TheOtherBrit
    December 19, 2008    

    Awesome thanks! Too bad ‘People Who Died’ isn’t on there. That was a great ending to the encore.

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