Drinkin’ About My Daddy: Collaborative Mix

My old man, looking like Hemmingway for no good reason.
My old man, looking like Hemmingway for no good reason.

This year has started out rough for me personally. We said goodbye to my father on Sunday after a massive heart attack on on January 4th. I’ve been a little out of sorts and probably drinking a lot. I’ve been trying to put together a compilation that captures the feel of this last week but it turns out most of the good drinking songs are about losing girls! While that makes sense you’d think there’d be a lot more songs about men getting what Lewis Grizzard referred to as “crying about your daddy drunk”. There are some country songs that fit the bill like Alan Jackson’s “Drive (For Daddy Gene)”. My favorite so far is The Tosspints “Your Name” followed closely by Shooter Jennings “Daddy’s Hands”. The thing is there’s a lot of songs about shitty dads out there and mine didn’t fit that bill, at all. So I’d like to put together a collaborative mix. We’ve done this before, you comment, offer up your suggestions for the compilation, I put them all together and post the mix here in a week. I thought long and hard about asking for help with this but you folks have never let me down, so here it is. It turns out I have great deal of respect for all you malcontents and miscreants.

7 thoughts on “Drinkin’ About My Daddy: Collaborative Mix”

  1. Love to you and yours in your loss.

    Dtb’s “two daughters and a wife,” the silver jews’ “death to an heir of sorrows,” Stephen malkmus’ “church on white,” Steve earle’a “elijah’s church”

  2. The Cheapest Kind-Greg Brown
    Old Man-Neil Young
    Someday Never Comes-Creedence Clearwater Revival

    Sorry for your loss, music, as always will help.

  3. I am sorry buddy.

    The Greatest Man I Never Knew – Reba McEntire
    Wake Me Up When September Ends – Green Day
    A bit more generic but possibly a good vibe:
    Jimmy Buffett – Breath In, Breath Out, Move On

  4. Sorry for you loss man.. I’ve went through the same just a bit over a year ago with my dad who was my everything. The best to me is “The Walk” by Sawyer Brown. Used it at his funeral and visitation. Hope this helps some

  5. So sorry to hear this, harder song topic than you’d think, I’ve honestly got nothing…..maybe D.A.C. – Family Reunion (Long haired redneck album), or Goose Creek Symphony – Guitars pickin & fiddles playin (off Words of Earnest album)…both kind of remind me of my dad..regardless hang in there man

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