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Back in October of 2012 I wrote about a book and an album that had caught my attention, called “Fresh Water In The Salton Sea”. Since then I’ve read said book several times, and lent it out to a good number of people who have all really enjoyed Drew Kennedys stories from the road.

When he announced a Kickstarter campaign to record his next album, I was an easy target. And even if I’ve cut down on my Kickstarter-contributions after several disappointments, I knew Drew wouldn’t disappoint me. He spent our money well, and crafted one of the best albums I’ve heard this year.

“I’m not big on preaching’
God knows we get enough of that now.
But you can’t control the seasons,
Leaves fall down”
(Age and color)

He workes tirelessly to develop his craft as a songwriter, and on “Wide Listener” there are no weak spots. The album has turned out to be a real goodybag filled with fantastic words and beautiful melodies.

The song that kicks it all off, “Age and Color” is a lot more hard-kicking than I’ve heard from Kennedy before, and it’s one of the best songs of the year. It’s fresh, it’s catchy, and the lyrics are as strong as you could ever wish for.

There’s a row of talented musicians on this album, and they’ve played around with everything from a banjo and a pedal steel, to a cello, violin and an Hammond B3 and even a Rhodes. Complete that with crisp harmonies and a very dedicated production, that give the words all the room they need to work out – this looks like an album I’ll keep spinning.

Next to his songwriting, Drew Kennedys strongest point is his voice. It’s one of the most comfortable voices in the business, and the power and devotion in which he delivers the vocals is the albums absolute strongest point. You get a mix of  anything from swinging americana to flowing folkrock and a tough countrygroove – and the result is an album that works best as a good old-fashioned ALBUM.

“Some things.
Built to last.
Your memory.
Good carpentry.”
(Good carpentry)

Picking favourites is hard, the whole is so strong and filled with quality. The storytelling is intriguing, the slow songs feels like floating along on a quiet river, and the rockers are riveting and makes is hard to sit still.

Just check it out, it’s too mellow for those who wants to feel like they get their balls kick up to their teeth when listening to music – but if you like words and songwriting – this is the place to be!

Drew Kennedy - Age and Color     

Drew Kennedy - Jesus Can See You     

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