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Three times a year the radio station does a fund raiser and WMNF only exists because of the generous support of it’s listeners and the community. If WMNF, and more specifically Ninebullets Radio, mean anything to you, please take some time and donate what you can.

After 2 years of begging from both myself and the show’s listeners the station saw fit to give Ninebullets Radio 2 hours this year. Well, with additional time comes additional expectations during marathon week. Saturday I am saddled with a $5000 dollar goal. I think we’ll make it but it’s gonna require support from everyone, including you.

As a form of thank you I had some fancy new Ninebullets Radio stickers (as pictured above) made and anyone who donates 25 dollars or more will find one of them in their mailbox in a couple of weeks.

As a volunteer programmer for WMNF I appreciate you and your support, each week, tuning in to Ninebullets Radio. But now, today, right this very minute, I need your support in the way of Dollars and Cents to keep the music flowing and our little show on the air. Here are three (2) ways to do just that:

(1) Tip Jar. Just click this link. Fill out the form and BAM! you’re done. It’s like early voting but you get to feel good about yourself when you’re done.

(2) Call me maybe? Saturday afternoon, February the 23rd between the hours of 2-4pm fire up the phone app on your trusty text message machine and dial 813-238-8001. A friendly phone volunteer will answer, you two will talk and 5 minutes later I’ll probably say your name on the radio.

(3) The, “if you want it so bad, you take care of it method”. Well. I do want it and I will take care of it. If you email me the following information, I’ll take care of the rest and WMNF will send you a bill: Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone Number and (most importantly) Amount You Wish To Donate.

No matter which way you decide is best for you to invest in WMNF, I thank you all in advance for helping me keep this little hour of our Americana scene on 88.5fm.

Bryan Childs (Autopsy IV)

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