Doc Feldman & The LD50 — Sundowning at the Station

Sundowning at the Station is one of the heaviest records you’ll hear all year. The heaviness comes from the mood and Doc’s voice not from the music. It’s an acoustic and, often times, slow record but it’s incredible. There are haunting calls and stomps and vocal deliveries that will rattle your insides.

The first several times I listen to Sundowning at the Station I was at work in my cubicle with the headphones on. I stopped the album midway through several times. Having it right there in my ears, so close and concentrated was too much. It wasn’t the words that stopped me, I wasn’t able to pay attention to the words, it was all of it. Later I found that the second half of the album was an easier listen. The songs “Battle Hymn” and “Bless This Mess” are my favorites, yet after listening to the record in halves I learned to really appreciate the whole.

Sundowning at the Station has been out for a couple of months and apparently it’s made some notable waves in some circles. My twitter was littered with people talking about the Doc Feldman DIYtrotter session not to long ago and reports from the TIAM headquarters have been stellar. There is a Jason Molina cover on that session and I think that’s a great jumping off point if you’re not sure about investing in this record.

It always pleases me when a record that is often times sparse but intense finds an audience. It seems a difficult balance for an artist and it requires more of a listener than other records. Give Sundowning at the Station a few listens as the rewards are slow to come but worth the patience. And yeah, Essential Listening (bolded by Autopsy IV for emphasis).

Doc Feldman & The LD50 – Battle Hymn
Doc Feldman & The LD50 – Bless This Mess
Doc Feldman & The LD50 – A Texas Moan

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