I have to get this one in before the end of the year so I’m not stuck including a band I didn’t even write about on my Top 10 of the year list.

If you haven’t heard of Doc Dailey and Magnolia Devil then you need to pay more attention to me on twitter and Facebook and start listening to my damned podcasts but whatever, better now than never.

Doc Dailey comes to us out of Muscle Shoals, Alabama and Victims, Enemies & Old Friends is the followup to an EP he released way back in 2005. He teamed up with former FAME sound engineer, Ben Tanner, in Wishbone Studios and set to recording a full length. Now, I’m a drunk, not a music historian but when I think Muscle Shoals sound I think soul and southern rock and Doc Dailey ain’t either of those. They remind me another ninebullets favorite, Medford’s Black Record Collection, albeit more musical and less brooding but just as haunting and desolate. Victims, Enemies & Old Friends has an excellent mix of songs you can bounce and sing along to and songs you can drink and plot the murder of a loved one too. Sometimes, it’s the same song.

Trust me, I know about these things.

Anyhow, I wanted to mention this album before the end of the year cause it’s Essential Listening and almost definitely gonna be in my Top 10 so I wanted y’all to know about it in advance.

Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil – Prove Me Wrong
Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil – Sunday School
Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil – Blue-Eyed Blonde

Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil’s Official Site, Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil on Facebook, Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil on Twitter, Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil on bandcamp, Buy Victims, Enemies & Old Friends


  1. Awesome album. This album is one reason I follow some online music blogs…to learn about kick-ass music that would otherwise go unnoticed (to me, at least). How can you go wrong with a band that would put banjos and horns in the same song?!?

  2. went to bandcamp and bought this after about 45 seconds of sunday school, god bless ninebullets.

  3. ordered straight away, thanks ninebullets would have never found out about this in Australia if not for this site, have not been let down yet with recommendations

  4. This is my album of the year, without a doubt! “till death do us part” makes me smile every time. Thanks ninebulllets & whatwoulddevodo (lastfm).

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