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You may remember my rather colorful description of these kids from Nawlins from my review of their first effort. In fact that was my favorite line from any my reviews from last year. Ain’t nothin’ changed between the last album and this one and that’s a good thing! That isn’t to say they made the same music but rather that they built on the idea and the sounds and made another bad ass chunk of music. I have to admit that this music makes me a little crazy in a mostly good way. In general it makes me feel less stabby. When I feel that way to begin with of course…

Volume Two is the appropriately named follow up to their first album: Volume One. I didn’t really do a top list last year because I suck but Volume One would have been in the top ten without any question and Volume Two will likely make this year’s top list if I get off my ass and make one. It is Essential Listening and that’s just to start. Even with some of the music being carnival-esque this album is through and through a Nawlins sound. The horns are dirty, the vocals drift from dark to whimsical (sometimes in the same song), and Noah’s lyrical faculty can drag you down to the depths of an alley on Bourbon Street or pick you and make you want to strut just a little bit when you walk down the street. Someone told me, after I played Volume Two at them that they didn’t get it. I am pretty sure they are some form of undead with no emotions at all. Some sort of hollow shell. If I put this on at home every single one of clan dances, even the wife swings her hips just a little bit without noticing it, and the littlest one had himself a little fit when I turned it off the other day. Don’t make my three year old cry: GO BUY THIS ALBUM!

Dirty Bourbon River Show - Past The Shore     

Dirty Bourbon River Show - Train Is Gone     

Dirty Bourbon River Show - My Tiny Little Friend And I     

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