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Since Slobberbone reformed last year, toured, and rocked the asses off of fans both new and old I figure it’s about time for a little intro to one of my all time favorite Texas alt-country bands. I couldn’t get enough of these boys out of Denton, TX when they were first around and the same holds true today. While I completely missed their tour last year, mostly because they skipped anywhere I could have been, I hold out hope they will hit down here on the Gulf Coast this year and that the reunion isn’t over. So if you only heard the hype and didn’t know what it was all about then this mix is your chance to jump into Slobberbone along with the rest of us.

While the band has always insisted they’re a rock band it’s pretty obvious the alt-country tag fits them like a comfortable old flannel shirt. They released four LPs and 2 EPs between 1994 and 2002 before it all came to an end. Brent Best (Attorney at Law) played guitar, sang, and wrote most of the songs they recorded. Their shows were just dammed amazing. I, along with many fans, was crushed when Brent posted the notice the band was breaking up but the music was out there and I’ve been diggin’ on it for more than a decade. I won’t go into all the history here since you can get on the band’s website along with the lyric to all of their albums. It’s time for me to shut up and give you the music…

Track Archive


  1. Megary Megary
    January 21, 2010    

    21. That Is All
    22. Trust Jesus

    Thanks for keeping my blood pressure down and including “One Rung”, easily my favorite from them.

  2. rob rob
    January 21, 2010    

    the Atlanta show with Have Gun Will travel and Whiskey Gentry was epic. Can’t wait for the new rekkid.

  3. Leon Leon
    January 22, 2010    

    Missed their very last show at Duffy’s Tavern (home of the fishbowl) in Lincoln, Nebraska. I won’t miss them again. What is going to happen to the Drams?

  4. You should do a top 5 “blues” songs. Slobberbone has two great ones as noted on this list. I recently discovered the Holy Liars, they have a ridiculous song called Ag Center Blues.

  5. Ron Ron
    January 25, 2010    

    Ya missed “I Can Tell Your Love is Waning”, my personal fave.
    “Not much in this trailer now…”

  6. January 25, 2010    

    @Ron: Can’t get ’em all. There isn’t a bad Slobberbone song for the most part and I knew I would miss some folks favorites but I had to go forth anyway. Once you’re pedal down on a compilation or intro you just gotta keep going.

  7. January 25, 2010    

    Amen brother! I have caught two recent Dallas shows. The one back in August was sloppy and had the feel of a band trying get its feet back under them. In December, it was clear they have found those missing feet. The Drams were great, and Best has said that there is likely to be more Drams stuff in the future, but Slobberbone is back with abunch of shows on the horizon and all is right with the world.

  8. January 27, 2010    

    Drunk Little Fists is the cutest song title ever…for drunks.

  9. AK Flyer AK Flyer
    January 30, 2010    

    Definately my favorite band of all time. I got to see a bunch of their shows in Oregon and always had a great time. Great band, great group of guys, and always fun to hang with after the show. I hope they play some more dates and I can make it to a show.

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