When I heard this song by The Gaslight Anthem for the first time it was at their show at The State Theater here in St. Pete. When it first started I was sure they were doing a cover of Drag The River‘s song “Having A Party”. Turned out that wasn’t the case but I made a mental note to compare/contrast the songs when I got home.

Well, Mr. Beam made that mental note get lost in the annals of shit I think about when I am drunk until today.

Today, I was finally getting around to checking out the back catalog of The Gaslight Anthem and I heard the track again and everything came rushing back.

Now, I am not gonna say The Gaslight Anthem stole anything…but I will say I imagine there are some Drag The River cds on someone in the bands iPod. Perhaps it’s just a tip of the cap to Drag. Gaslight Anthem made liberal of such things on their latest effort, The ’59 Sound.

Listen and tell me what you think. Tip of the hat to Drag, coincidence? What say you?

The Gaslight Anthem – Say I Won’t (Recognize)
Drag The River – Having A Party

Edit: Or, as Kevin pointed out in the comments….they could both be related to Sam Cooke’s song.

Sam Cooke – Having A Party

So yeah, now I look like a dummy….but sticking to my steadfast rule of never deleting anything I’ve posted no matter how wrong I am this post will now hang out as a testimate to the fact theat I indeed, do not know everything.


  1. Well, the Drag The River version is actually a cover of the Sam Cooke song from 1962. Just sayin’.

  2. I remember when you tweeted about Gaslight playing that song and that maybe it was a nod to DTR. I should’ve mentioned something then. I was at that show, too.

    The cover art for the Having A Party 7″ is even a
    takeoff of the original Sam Cooke album where the song first appeared.

  3. Well you already didn’t know much about Ray Wylie so not knowing everything isn’t a shock 😉

    Aside from that…this is a very interesting post. I was listening to the old iPod on random the other day whilst drivin’ to a show and I heard a riff I was sure was Fugazi until much to my surprise the lyrics started and it was Goodman County. It’s always interesting to see where the artists we enjoy got their inspiration and where their influences lie.

  4. Interesting. The first time I heard the Drag song I could sing along with it and didn’t know why. I think we must’ve had it on a 45 when I was little.

  5. That’s hilarious…I am a regular reader of this site…lots of great tips on bands I had not heard of. But, come on, a “music blog” that doesn’t realize “Having a Party” is a cover of a classic song?! Ha. Maybe you should do a post of great cover songs…

  6. It happens…I was in some store shopping and the Rod Stewart version came over the speakers and I then realized DTR must have covered Rod Stewart. Then I looked it up and found the Sam Cooke song. So yeah!

  7. I love that concept. Rod Stewart used to sing with Jeff Beck, before he started all that cheesy shit. In my book, that makes up for it all. Jeff Beck is fucking badass.

    I’ll educate you on ’60s pop music Autopsy, my rates are kinda high though. 😉

  8. Dude, your an ass. a million people have used this song, can’t believe you did not know it was a sam cooke song… having a party is almost as popular as happy f’n birthday! Maybe you should post about the tampa rays or sex in the city girls, where are they now. Music just ain’t your thing.

  9. Well. The Rays are 3 games out of the Wild Card and I am looking forward to the next SITC movie but I am much more excited about FSU kicking off 2 weeks from tonight and Project Runway having started.

    Luckily, there were no Sam Cooke questions on the blogger entrance exam…idda been fucked otherwise.

  10. I assumed everyone knew that was a Sam Cooke song. Man, crazy. And Rod Stewart was in the Faces before he became an awful singer and diva. All the Faces albums should be required or esential listening. As should his first 3 solo records, Never A Dull Moment, Every Picture Tells A Story and Gasoline Alley.

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