Dexy – Tear It Down – Exclusive Track

Official Facebook Release Announcement

I met Dexy two years ago at Holiday Hangout. He played a little for us at Hangout and since then he and I have spoken quite a lot over the internets and I happen to like him a great deal. He shared some of his older music with me and it was a load of fun so I was a little excited when he told me that he’d been working a new record. Well that record hits the streets today at 9:00 AM GMT which means this post is going up at 3:00 AM my time. I’ve had this record in my hands for a while now and it’s really good. Everything about it simply spot on. One of the stand out bits is how well the tracks are ordered. I know some folks don’t care about that but for me it really makes a difference. I don’t listen to a record on random when I get it in my hands, I listen to it front to back, so the reality is that the track order dictates how you’re taken through the whole experience. If that’s wrong then even an album full of good songs can fall flat. Now I don’t want to turn this in to a review, because that’s coming later. I still need a little more time to ponder what I’m going actually write about Tear It Down. I was pretty excited when Dexy asked me to host a track for release day and that’s what this is. So I get to share my favorite track off of this one with y’all. I hope that you like it as much as I do.

I’ll update with more links as soon as I have them but for right now you can pick up Tear It Down on iTunes and Dexy’s Bandcamp.

UPDATE: Added more links for pre-order and official release announcement.