Deep Blues Music and Film Festival 2008

Imagine spending the better part of a year planning. Shelling out tons of money over said year. All to bring the best of the punkass-blues scene together for a weekend somewhere in Wisconsin. Only to have record rains show up; on your weekend. Attendance falls well below what you expected and you loseWeight Exercise a lot of your own money. What do you do?

Chris Johnson will tell you- you make that muthafucker even bigger the next year…and that’s just what he’s done…2 days become 3 and the Deep Blues Festival of 2007 blossoms into the Deep Blues Film and Music Festival of 2008 which will include a screening of Col. J.D. Wilke’s film, Seven Signs.

When I found out about last year’s festival, I wrote that it was like they made a lineup just for me. It was too late for me to make all the necessary planning for me to get out to the show last year, but I vowed should there be a 2008DBF , I would not be missing it. Now, look at that lineup up there….I have no idea where Lake Elmo, Mn. is, but I can tell you my ass will be taking an airport taxi there on Thursday, July 17th. For my musical tastes, this is the festival of the year. If you’re planning on attending, email me. The wife is staying home, so I’ll be looking for nice folks who like whiskey and fish stories.

Here are some audio examples of the super awesome headed toward Minneapolis:

Scott H. Biram – Blood, Sweat & Murder
The Legendary Shack*Shakers – Somethin’ In The Water
Left Lane Cruiser – Pork & Beans
Black Diamond Heavies – Poor Brown Sugar
Patrick Sweany – Your Man
Jawbone – 4-11-44
Charlie Parr – Miner’s Lament
American Relay – Bonedry
The Pack A.D. – Gold Rush
Boogaloosa Prayer – St. James Infirmary
Chris Cotton – The Gamblers
Sliver Lion 20/20 – Fight For Her
.357 String Band – Stillest Hour
Hillstomp – The Woman That Ended The World
John Schooley – Black Diamond Express Train To Hell
The Moaners – Yankee On My Shoulder

7 thoughts on “Deep Blues Music and Film Festival 2008”

  1. Wow, I hope this festival gets the attendance it deserves. The fact that Left Lane Cruiser, Black Diamond Heavies and Patrick Sweany are all there, and might not be the acts I’d be fighting to see says a lot.

  2. last year was great dispite the rain. this year will be even better. day 3 will be the banger.

  3. I too missed out last year, and vowed to put in for my vacation for 2008 to make it to this year’s fest.

    As if the bands last year weren’t enough, the years wait will have turned out to be more than worth it. MY gawd! 45 of the rockinest bands in the world, all in one place. Not to mention the very cool new addition of a film fest by and about this music and its artists.

    I have been listening to and going to see many of these bands in the Great NW US. I also have the great good fortune to be able to book some of them for some gigs at a venue in my small Oregon hometown. Cicada Omega, Gravel Road, The Pack A.D., Hillstomp (among many other GREAT NW acts!!). What you have read about the sense of community surrounding this musical phenomenon..the deep blues…I have found couldn’t be more true. These are no prima donna rockstars. These are good friendly folk with a passion for this music and their craft. These performers have families, and pets and jobs and big hearts and friendly smiles. They really appreciate an appreciative audience…hell any audience which shows an interest in their music..which is GOOD. There is no way any listener/viewer could possibly sit still during a deep blues performance. The music has a way of grabbing you by the spine and shaking your sillies out (read dancing out the demons)

    So go on. Listen to the MP3 links, plan your vacation or at least a long weekend of it and go to this festival. you’ll discover some cool music, make some good new friends, and have one helluva hipshaking good time…I promise…rain or shine.

  4. A must see is the .357 String Band. Hailing from Milwaukee, WI these boys sure know how to put on a good show. You won’t be disappointed. TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!

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