Because Songs Matter


Last Friday I announced the line-up of bands for this years Deep Blues Festival. Earlier this week I bought my plane tickets for Minneapolis. I tell you that so you don’t think I am just pimping the festival for some nefarious reason. I buy a ticket just like everyone else. That said, I really do believe in DBF, in what Chis is doing and in the bands playing it so I will take every opportunity to pimp it.

Hence Deep Blues Fridays.

On select Fridays between now and the festival I will feature bands playing it, live sets from festivals past and things of that ilk. I hope y’all like it…and if you’re anywhere near Minneapolis, join us in July, it’s gonna be a blast.

This is a sampler the festival recently put out featuring performances from last years show. Chris told me I was free to post it here so here you go. Individual tracks are below from listening, complete sampler can be downloaded here.

  1. Juke Joint Duo - Stay Here In Your Arms     
  2. The Moaners - I Think I Love You     
  3. Jawbone - And Wine     
  4. Left Lane Cruiser - That Ass     
  5. Robert Cage and Hezekiah Early - Things I Used To Do     
  6. T-Model Ford - Cut You Loose     
  7. Black-Eyed Snakes - Good Woman Blues     
  8. Those Poor Bastards - They Don't Make Folks Like They Used To     
  9. A Night In The Box - Death Letter     
  10. Reverend Deadeye - Clean Train     
  11. Charlie Parr - 1922     
  12. Boogaloosa Prayer - She's Gone     
  13. Hillstomp - Lay Down Satan     
  14. Pat MacDonald - Reset Me Lord     
  15. Dex Romweber Duo - Blues That Defy My Soul     
  16. Black Diamond Heavies - Bidin' My Time     
  17. Bob Log III - Six Stringer Kicker     
  18. Pure Country Gold - Club 21     
  19. American Relay - Bonedry     
  20. Tarbox Ramblers - What Month Was Jesus Born     
  21. Possessed By Paul James - Hear The Call     

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