Deep Blues Festival adds 2 bands:

Coming in the shadow of the great Coachella announcement of 2008 was that the Deep Blues Festival has added 2 more band to their line-up:

The Black-Eyed Snakes: This is a band who I just recently heard of after a fellow blogger referenced them in a Left Lane Cruiser review. Very similar frantic garage-blues sound.

The Black-Eyed Snakes – Chicken-Bone George

Those Poor Bastards: YES!’s favorite prophets of doom country are coming to the show! I can not tell you how excited I am that TPB are gonna be there! If you’re looking for slick, overproduced, commercial songs, you’d better cover your delicate little ears. Those Poor Bastards play it raw and they play it mean but if old-time gothic country music sounds like your cup of tea then get with the program.

Those Poor Bastards – With Hell So Near