Feb 092013

The newly expanded day version of Ninebullets Radio starts today! Be sure to tune in from 2-4pm Eastern.

88.5FM if you’re in the Tampa Bay area. Streams live here if you’re elsewhere.

Autopsy IV

I am the founder of ninebullets.net. Aside from being a self-made nillionaire, I'm is also a righteous indignation addict and professional self-loather.

  2 Responses to “DEBUTS TODAY:”

  1. Right on man movin on up! And I’m stuck working this weekend so I’ll actually get to catch it live for once!

    Break a leg!! (Not sure if there’s a radio version of that saying….maybe break an ear? Break the FCC?) Either way best of luck I’ll bet you’re about to turn a lot of new people onto some good ass music, I know a lot of folks listen to the radio (especially public radio) on the weekends moreso than on weeknights, so it should be a good thing all the way around!

  2. Very glad you’re on Saturday, much better time for me personally.

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