Because Songs Matter


The newly expanded day version of Ninebullets Radio starts today! Be sure to tune in from 2-4pm Eastern.

88.5FM if you’re in the Tampa Bay area. Streams live here if you’re elsewhere.


  1. Phineas Phineas
    February 9, 2013    

    Right on man movin on up! And I’m stuck working this weekend so I’ll actually get to catch it live for once!

    Break a leg!! (Not sure if there’s a radio version of that saying….maybe break an ear? Break the FCC?) Either way best of luck I’ll bet you’re about to turn a lot of new people onto some good ass music, I know a lot of folks listen to the radio (especially public radio) on the weekends moreso than on weeknights, so it should be a good thing all the way around!

  2. whiskeyt whiskeyt
    February 9, 2013    

    Very glad you’re on Saturday, much better time for me personally.

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