Dear Sister is Raven Shields and Bri Salmena playing on vocal harmonies and guitars, joined by multi-instrumentalist Aaron Comeau from multi-cities Canada. Their debut album, Dear Sisters, was orginally recorded and released in early 2010, managing to catch a little fire at the time. Despite selling out multiple Canadian venues, life took over and the band seemingly lost its momentum. Well, it seems the band has refocused and decided to give it another go with repackaging and re-releasing Dear Sister here in 2012.

I’ll be honest, I had to put in a little work to like this album. There were a few songs that jumped out at me right away but there were more that just came and went with little response. Normally that would result in moving the songs that jumped out into a directory I have set for that sort of thing with the rest getting the delete treatment, but something wouldn’t let me. So I saved it and came back to the album from time to time, and man am I glad I did. The singers harness that same vocally deadpan delivery you find with Gillian Welch, while musically they feel very similar to The Waifs or to me.

Admittedly, there are still a few tracks on the album I skip but if you’re willing to let an album incubate with you for a few listens, Dear Sister might, ultimately, reward your patience. Hopefully the band will maintain momentum this time around, I’d like to see what their sophomore effort might sound like.

Dear Sister – Con Man
Dear Sister – Coyote
Dear Sister – Hey Oh!

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