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It’s time for me to catch up on some releases that I damn well should’ve written about last year. Life got busy and I put off telling you about some amazing music. We Are Aleady Dead was an album that I was looking forward to long before I even knew what it was going to be called. You see I’ve been following Patrick Hayes around the internets for quite a while now and Twang N Bang record (Patrick’s label) has yet to disappoint so when I found out his band was putting out a record I got pretty damn excited. As it turns out that excitement was well justified.

This is a well put together rock album that doesn’t apologize for the distortion or proudly showing off the band’s influences. From the rockabilly vibe of the namesake track to naming a song for Micah Schnabel, these kids are proud of where they come from and they damn well should be. This is the sort of album that ministers to a part of my sould that I frequently neglect. I mean, it’s all well and good to cry over a John Moreland song, or miss your sweetheart to Caleb Caudle, but sometimes you just need to rock n roll. It’s something we should all take to heart. Now that’s not to say there’s nothing to see here, from a lyrical standpoint, quite the contrary. These kids aren’t slouches in the lyric department and really, as much as the rock n roll is fun, the lyrics are much more in my usual vein, you know, dark and a little introspective. The Dead Volts just do it with a little less acoustic guitar and a lot more distortion.

There’s pretty much no excuse not to give this one a place in your rotation because you can get it for however much you want to pay on the Twang N Bang Bandcamp page. Be sure to follow The Dead Volts on Facebook as well because I have a feeling there will be a lot more good stuff come from these guys.

Song For Micah Schnabel     

Late Again     

To Hell With the Good Old Days     

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