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Here goes again.
About to pack for the third (and final) leg of THE DIRT UNDERNEATH.
Boy has this been fun.
Originally supposed to be 2-3 weeks in may.
A chance to kinda reinvent ourselves to ourselves.
Maybe rediscover some old overlooked songs and a way to work the kinks out of some new ones and road test some ideas before embarking on our next album.
Instead, we basically worked up the meat of our next album in front of a live audience and had so much fun we added another and now another leg.
(Insert favorite three-legged joke here).

As most know, we made new album this summer.
Title comes from a really good Cooley song called Checkout Time In Vegas.
We had the easiest time making this album, as it just came out as if it was totally meant to be this way.
No debates or even decisions to make, it all just made sense. Everyone shared same vision and it came together like throwing pieces into air and having them land in perfect place.

Then we couldn’t find a name for it.
Everyone was so happy with the baby that no name seemed good enough.
We wanted 100% agreement (this time) as nothing else had been compromised so why start with title.
I personally believe that it’s actually best to start with a title and build from there.
I did this with the name of the band and about half or more of the albums have had title before the songs themselves.
Decoration Day had always been Heathens, but 2 other bands named their albums that that previous summer.
Name one now?
I digress again.

it will grow on you. it did me.
In the end, we settled for everyone being OK with it.
It was a majority’s first choice, and 1 second choice. The other…
Hopefully it will grow on all.
Of note, Wes Freed loved the title and began drawing ideas based on it before we had even decided.
His artwork looks to be best yet and that did affect the final decision.

David Barbe produced once again.
Oh yeah, and did I mention that there are 19 songs on it.

It’s coming out the very beginning of 2008.
We plan to tour our asses off.
But this next few weeks will be the end of THE DIRT UNDERNEATH.
It’s been great, but it’s served its purposes and we’re going to be ready to move on.
The new album certainly has been influenced by some of that approach and some of those aspects will continue, but It IS an electric album. It ROCKS (as they say).

See you at the show.

Of Note:
SPOONER OLDHAM will again be playing the Wurlitzer on most the TDU shows this month.
We hope to continue playing with him whenever and wherever possible.

Drive-By Truckers – Check Out Time In Vegas


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