If you’ve been reading Nine Bullets you might remember me praising the David Wax Museum last year.  Their album Everything Is Saved was in my top ten for the year and “The Least I Can Do” was my favorite song.  Needless to say, when I got an email about their Pledge Music campaign for the next album I found the twenty bucks to send over.

It seemed like months and months between the time I sent some money and the email showed up with the download and I hadn’t been blown away with the snippets I had heard but I refused to rush to judgment after only hearing 20 second clips of two or three songs.  But I was nervous and ready to be disappointed.

Then the download came and there was a definite difference between Knock Knock Get Up and Everything Is Saved, maybe something in the production, somehow a little more electronic.  But I don’t really know what I’m getting and my first few listens left me unsatisfied.  But I kept listening.

Then the vinyl arrived, and I hate to be the snooty music guy, but the album sounded better on vinyl.  I danced in my room and my dog growled and barked at me.  Knock Knock Get Up took a while but it’s Essential Listening.  The overall sound is different but it’s not the end of the world.  There’s more hints of the Mexican music but on this album those elements are mixed into the songs more than before.  The David Wax Museum is an artistically talented and unique band.  And if you enjoy the three songs listened here you’ll enjoy the whole record.

“Harder Before It Gets Easier” features some great vocal harmony with David and Suz and some interesting percussion.  “A Dog In This Fight” has some fuzzy sounds and a bit of a hypnotic feel.  I don’t have much of an idea what the song’s about but I dig it.  And “Refuge” is a great album closer.

Should you be looking for something different, by all means give Knock Knock Get Up a spin.

David Wax Museum – Harder Before It Gets Easier
David Wax Museum – A Dog In This Fight
David Wax Museum – Refuge

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