I’ve written about my rock idol worship style fandom of Danzig I thru IV, and at that time I described modern Danzig as a caricature. Was I being harsh? Probably. Was I completely inaccurate? I don’t think so. Point is, since Danzig IV I hadn’t paid much attention to Glen, and outside of that attempt at industrial music a few years back I hadn’t bothered with his newer music too much, either. Truth is, I probably wouldn’t have known of, much less ever heard Deth Red Sabaoth had in not been for Sean from Buzzgrinder and his #Danzigwatch2010 Twitter campaign. So, on the release date I bought the mp3’s totally prepared to listen once before deleting and giving Danzig I through IV a good listening to, but from the first artificial harmonic in the opening track, “Hammer of the Gods”, I knew this time…things may be different.

Yup. Finally. It took 16 years, but in this particular writer’s opinion Glen has finally released an album worthy of the moniker ‘Danzig V’. I acknowledge this could be a total overdose on nostalgia and modern metal or rock (or whatever they’re calling it these days), and kids may listen to this album and just hear a dated and tired sound. However, this particular 30-something finds everything he ever loved about Danzig-past present on this album.  The artifical harmonics, the signature Glen wail, the dark lyrics, the bluesy-metal marching guitars. It’s all there in spades.

So, if you were a Danzig fan back in the day…check out Deth Red Sabaoth. If you’re a more modern metal or rock kid, tell me what y’all are thinking about it, ‘cause I can’t lie, I fucking love it.

Danzig – Hammer of the Gods
Danzig – The Revengful

Danzig’s Official Site, Danzig on myspace, Buy Deth Red Sabaoth

8 thoughts on “DANZIG – DETH RED SABAOTH”

  1. i like the music but for some reason it feels like the vocals are a bit too dry and sit too high in the mix.

    reminds me a little of an unmastered demo.

  2. I like the album alot, its definitely a return to the former sound. However, I do agree that there is something up with the production, how it sounds like a bunch of demos. It sounds alot like The Lost Tracks of Danzig, which as you know, were all unreleased demos.

    I wonder why it was done this way.

    Regardless, pretty sick album.

  3. I was in the same position after How the Gods kill……..
    my friends growing up in the early 90’s named all harsh and radical things “Danzig”

    Then he went sideways for a bit and i gave up, love this track and am picking it up ASAP.

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