Damn Right, Rebel Proud gets pushed back…

Last month I posted that the new Hank III album, Damn Right Rebel Proud, had recieved a released date of December 18, 2007. I then went on to say:

Now, if past action is any indicator to future action, this date will get pushed back 10 times before the album actually sees a store shelf. But we can hope Mike keeps his head out of his ass and just let’s the album drop.

Well, I guess that ass is a cozy place cause the cd has been pushed back to “sometime in 2008”. Sometime. In other words, no time soon. On the Cussin’ board Hank III himself said, “There is one thing holding the cd back.Its called Legal issues! Nothing else.” Whatever that means. I say this: Fuck Curb Records.

Hank III – Dick in Dixie

Live version of The Grand Ole Opry (Ain’t So Grand Anymore):

10 thoughts on “Damn Right, Rebel Proud gets pushed back…”

  1. Fuck Curb. Fuck Pop Country. When the hell does his contract end with Curb? The second it does he should either start a new label or sign an indie label like he should have done in the first place.

  2. The album ought to be “leaked,” so that people who like it can donate directly to Hank III through paypal on his website.

    Fuck Curb… lets skip him.

  3. Well,well,well…Here it is June 13, 2008 & still no release date. FUCK CURB – FUCK CURB – FUCK CURB !

  4. Bob made the smartest comment. Paypal for those who like it. And as the old saying goes, those who like III like him a LOT.

  5. Mike Curb… Get your head out of your ass and release Hank III’s new album. You are a fuckhead for holding out on all us fans. Damn we cant wait till his contract is over with your dumbass! You suck you faggot ass…and I mean that in the most politically correct way! Shit Bag!

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