CXCW is near and dear to the hearts of all of us here at 9B and I know that I look forward to the barrage of videos every year! Here are the favorites picked by each member of the 9B staff, or at least everyone who sent me a list. We don’t usually do “below the fold” posts here but since this is a huge list of videos and I don’t want to blow up anyone’s browser you’ll have to click to load the whole the post. These picks are not in any order except the order I copy and pasted them out of the myriad emails that went back and forth. And without further ado, here are the 9B staff picks from this year’s CXCW submissions:

Mike Ostrov

Michelle Evans

‘wolf’ di chiara

Rune Letrad

Romeo Sid Vicious

I went last and let everyone pick first. Some of the deep cuts, so to speak, that I had on my list got picked by others but I don’t mind, CXCW 2014 was still a lot of fun for me. Even with all of these videos here we are only scratching the surface of what CXCW has to offer, so get on over there and spend some time watching the videos and looking at all the hard work the CXCW staff put in to drinking working on the really cool CXCW website.

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