Cunninlynguists – Dirty Acres

It was around this time last year that I first mentioned Cunninlynguists here on ninebullets, awarding them my “Best Hip Hop of 2006” award. Today they will release their fourth album, quite possibly the best hiphop cd of 2007, Dirty Acres. Ditching the concept album approach of A Piece of Strange, Kno, Deacon and Natti have made an album that takes this particular listener back to Goodie Mob, circa Still Standing. The throwback feel of this cd may be a stumbling block for some people, but I am not one of them. I don’t subscribe to the theory that a release must push the boundaries of its particular genre to have merit. There is nothing wrong with just making a great album with strong tracks from beginning to end, and that is exactly what Dirty Acres is, 13 tracks (2 interludes) of Southern-infused hip hop. Unlike most hip hop you hear on the radio, this album really doesn’t feel like it was created for the club. Eschewing hooks and chants for lazy beats and thoughtful lyrics, this cd is far better suited for afternoon drives with no destination than getting crunk. Perhaps, with the current state of hip hop, making an album that will stand the test of time, instead of an album that sells the newest vodka, is innovation in and of itself.

Cunninlynguists – Valley of Death
Cunninlynguists – K.K.K.Y.
Cunninlynguists – Mexico

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  1. I have 2 say that this is one of the illest albums of the last 3 years. REAL Hip Hop headz will appreciate the flow of the album and the push toward insightful, intelligent subject matter. Samples, drum machines and ill lyrics are the showcase here, and the package is delivered with a classic Hip Hop flair touched with a smooth southern flow and smart lyricism. This is part of what Hip Hop was and always SHOULD be, so shut off the radio and kickback 2 a perfect example of why u started listening 2 Hip Hop in the first place. One…

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