What an intriguing little CD this is. A little to indy rock to really hang out in the wheelhouse but way too catchy for me to stop listening to. I’d almost say Cuff The Duke was Canada’s poppy answer to The Decemberists if The Decemberists were less poppy and not basically Canadian already.

Cuff The Duke comes from some town in Canada that I’ve never heard of called Oshawa and since I am American I see it in my mind’s eye as a town that is snowed in 300 days out of the year. Apparently, the band has been releasing albums since 2001 but Morning Comes is the first one to find my ears. It also happened to be nominated for Adult Alternative Album of The Year and the 2012 Juno Awards. Which, apparently, is the Canadian version of the Grammy’s. Since I am American and don’t give two shits about anything I can’t buy in bulk at Wal-Mart, I’ve never paid any attention to them but they’ll be awarded at the end of March so, I might be telling you about one of the best Canadian albums of the year. So put that on your poutine and eat it…

All kidding a side, Morning Comes is a seriously fun listen. I do feel this is an album that’ll appeal to fans of The Decemberists but, for some reason, this album really feels, to me, like a modern variant of old R.E.M. and the college rock of that era. I have no hard evidence to support that comparison, it’s just what keeps coming to mind when I listen to the album.

Cuff The Duke – Time Is Right
Cuff The Duke – Drag Me Down
Cuff The Duke – Count On Me

Cuff The Duke’s Official site, Cuff The Duke on Facebook, Cuff The Duke on Spotify, Buy Morning Comes


  1. Glad to see you’re finally hearing Cuff the Duke. I’ve known of them for 5 years now, I like them a lot. Interesting that you’ve never heard of Oshawa – they’re like Little Detroit. Or they used to be. I don’t know how much car manufacturing is going on there now.

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