Truth be told, I had no plans of writing shit tonight. I was planning on coming home, cleaning the apartment and settling in for an awesome night of watching the Olympics. Then, NBC decided to show me ice dancing. Ice. Fucking. Dancing. So. Here I am. Ice dancing on mute and writing. I knew I didn’t wanna listen to people try to make ice dancing sound compelling so I decided to write a piece about a record. And once I knew I was gonna write, the decision of what record I wanted to write about was easy.

I have been listening to Crow’s Nest debut slash self-titled album a minimum of once a week for months now and it’s high fucking time I tell you kids about it…

Crow’s Share is the brain child of Missoula, Montana’s own, Ryan Bundy. It’s a sonically minimalist project and since I don’t wanna disgrace it with too many words I’ll just say that it’s a decidedly interesting amalgam of roots/folk instruments and electronica. While this is not the first time I’ve see this union attempted; this might be the best effort I’ve seen to date. It’s sparse. It’s brooding. It’s a banjo fan’s wet dream and it’s Essential Listening for every single fan of Doc Feldman, J Kutchma or The Heavy Horses.

Might Stitch
Sweet Baby Jane

Crow’s Share’s Official Site, Crow’s Share on Facebook, Crow’s Share on Bandcamp

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  1. This album scratches a very specific itch. like the ‘just got home from work and god damn it’s 9 at night’ itch I have most nights.

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