Crowdfunding: Patreon – Americana Rock Mix

americana rock mix
I am a fan of crowdfunding and the patron model. While there’s debate as to whether the patron model is true crowdfunding, that’s over my head. The point is that people out there do stuff we like and the whole entertainment industry, aside from big movies, is pretty much dead set on actually supporting anyone. Through crowdfunding we, the fans, can give something back. Sure we can buy merch, records, prints, or whatever is being offered but crowdfunding allows us to give directly to the people making the entertainment that we consume. All that said this is really about Americana Rock Mix, Von Cloedt produces a damn amazing podcast and Patreon is a great model to give podcasts some ongoing support. You can donate as little as a buck an episode. I think it’s a better model than getting a sponsor and making half the podcast about the sponsor. So here’s the Patreon link for Americana Rock Mix. If you’re so inclined you can even donate enough and guest host an episode. Over the years I’ve found the crowd that reads this site tends to be a bunch of generous folks and this is a great podcast. So if podcasts are your thing then here’s a good one to support.