Cross Canadian Ragweed

On October 24, 2010 Cross Canadian Ragweed played their final show. They rocked a sell out crowd at Joe’s in Chicago to close out a tour during which they announced that the band would be taking a hiatus. I was pretty damn disappointed because after all my love for these boys and all the shows I go to I never got to see them play live. Something always seemed to come up. Aside from my disappointment this final shows signals the end of an era. Cross Canadian Ragweed have been the unofficial poster boys for the Texas Country scene and the a large part of the reason that the music from that scene is pretty much now known as Red Dirt Music. In a genre with folks like Jason Boland, Robert Earl Keen and Billy Joe Shaver these upstarts rose up through the ranks and took the mantle! For better than a decade they have been making amazing music and I can honestly say that every single one of their albums qualifies as Essential Listening.

It is with a heavy heart that I pen this little piece to say goodbye to one of my favorite bands of all time. Their reasons for breaking up the band are posted all over the web so I won’t bother re-posting them or opining on their validity. These kids have been a heavy part of my whiskey drinking playlist since I first heard Carney Man in 1999 and I own everything they’ve released since. This is one of those bands that if I had ever got to see them I would have frankly been in awe and lost all ability to do an interview or anything. I love this band and the fact that they are breaking up, even if it turns out to be temporary, if heartbreaking. But instead of carrying on I’ll just post you a little link of a bootleg of their final show and give you a couple of tracks to listen to while you download.

I also just realized I never did an Intro/Primer for these boys. I guess that’ll be next on my plate…

(This didn’t have a cover when I grabbed it so I hacked this one together in a couple of minutes)

TIme To Move On

01 – Introduction
02 – Mexican Sky
03 – Cold Hearted Woman
04 – Deal
05 – Dimebag
06 – Sick and Tired (with Lee Ann Womack)
07 – To Find My Love
08 – Lonely Girl
09 – Constantly
10 – Hammer Down
11 – Soul Agent
12 – Anywhere But Here
13 – In Oklahoma (With Stoney LaRue)
14 – Drum Solo
15 – Number
16 – Daddy’s At Home
17 – On a Cloud
18 – Travelin’ Kind (Stoney LaRue)
19 – Blind Man (Stoney LaRue)
20 – Broken
21 – Blue Bonnets
22 – Dead Man
23 – Brooklyn Kid
24 – Don’t Need You
25 – Time to Move on
26 – Boys From Oklahoma
27 – Changes (Seth James)
28 – Late Last Night
29 – Carney Man
30 – Rockin’ In The Free World

Cross Canadian Ragweed – Time To Move On: The Final Show


  1. Does this download have the full version of “Rockin” ? I was at the show and the wristband bootleg I got (along with everyone else’s it sounds like) was cut-off. Just trying to complete my archive.

    Also, here’s a little album cover I created:

  2. I am fortunate enough to have seen them several times over the past few years since I live in OKC. They were the real deal and helped launch several other singing/songwriting careers via their band’s inner circle of friends. Boland Pat Green and Stoney Larue just to name a few. Hopefully after some time off they’ll rest up while writing a ton of songs and do some short tours. I too have all their stuff. thanks for the link to the last show.

  3. I liked their music but I don’t have much to say about their live set. The only time I saw them, they opened for Cowboy Mouth the night after they headlined their own show in New York City. It was a small crowd and they pretty much phoned it in. It was disappointing for a band of their stature.

    I wish them all the best and hope they continue to make great music on their separate paths.

  4. They have produced the very best set of recordings I’ve ever heard, songs we all sing along to in the car or truck. I’m really gonna miss these guys. That special tone of a worn out PRS played thru a vox is amazing and by far the best bass player since Berry Oakley…

  5. Like you, I never got to see them. Something always seemed to come up, I was out of town, or we had show the same night. Always figured I’d get around to it eventually. . .

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