The first time I wrote about Creech Holler here on ninebullets I said they reminded me of what’s right with The North Mississippi All-Stars (Shake Hands With Shorty) minus what’s wrong with them (Polaris).

This time around around Creech Holler has gotten a little more dark and brooding and the N.M.A. feel has taken a back seat to their own dark Southern-gothic brand of the blues.  On this follow-up to 2006’s With Signs Following, they apply that sound to songs of murder, misery, religion, and death. Through 11 tracks of originals sprinkled with folk traditionals, there is something available for everyone from folk fans to blues fans alike, so check out these tracks and buy the cd if you like what you hear.

Creech Holler – Raymond Lee
Creech Holler – Maggie Rose
Creech Holler – The Cuckoo

Creech Holler’s Official Site, Creech Holler on myspace, Buy The Shovel And The Gun