Brand New Me

Cory Morrow is one of those songwriters that hasn’t succumb to the siren call of radio friendly country and kept his songs firmly rooted in Texas and makes no apologies. While guys like Pat Green, one of Cory’s good friends, have changed their style and bought some commercial success guys like Cory keep their music pure and are happy to write real songs and play to real fans. Now a lot what I just said is pretty much conjecture but that’s how this album makes me feel. Cory’s always written pretty upbeat songs and Brand New Me is no exception. I can queue this one up and know that it’s gonna make me smirk and think of my old lady. Honestly it’s less gritty than most of the music I listen to on a regular basis but Cory’s good enough that it just doesn’t matter.

Brand New Me is a solid album through and through but I almost didn’t write about it. It’s not that I don’t like it. I like it a lot in fact. It’s just that nothing has jumped out at me that made me want to put pen to paper about it, so to speak. That was until a couple of days ago I actually listened to the album. You see I had been playing it a lot but it was in the background: on headphones at work, in the truck driving home and so on. I hadn’t really listened to the lyrics. I knew the music was solid and there were a couple of catchy choruses but I hadn’t paid it the right kind of attention. Once I did I realized that this is an album full of love songs. They aren’t cheesy-hit-skip-to-get-to-the-next-track jingles but good love songs. I hadn’t paid it much mind because when I listen to it it makes me think of the people I love and not the music. I gotta say that’s a pretty neat trick since I love music as much as I do and it speaks to Cory’s songwriting ability as well. If you have recently broken up with someone then this isn’t the album for you but if you have a good partner and are surrounded by people you love then you should do yourself a favor and check this one out. It ain’t all love songs but that’s what stuck out to me so don’t go blaming me if you find a track on here that isn’t about loving someone.

Corry Morrow – Lead Me On
Corry Morrow – The Way I Do
Corry Morrow – Never Made It To My Lips

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