Nov 042009

I wanted to drop a note to say thank you to everyone for their words of support, ideas and emails with terrific offers. It’s been truly humbling.

I have a few things in the works now that will hopefully be well received. The more I thought about it last night the less I came to like the idea of just asking for donations. Maybe it silly southern male pride but it just got less and less palatable to me as I thought about it.

So. Keep looking out and we’ll keep fighting the fight. Now. Let’s get back to what 9B is about…the music.

As a thanks I’d like to offer y’all this outtake from Lucero’s, 1372 Overton Park recording sessions:

Lucero – Other Side Of Lonesome

Autopsy IV

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  3 Responses to “COLOR ME AMAZED:”

  1. Love this track and wish I could hear the rest of the demos

  2. now THAT is proper lucero!

  3. I agree that it’d be great to hear the rest of the 1372 demos. One related thing to pass along: I was talking with Brian outside the NYC show, and he mentioned that they’d be giving this song away and also a significantly different version of Halfway Wrong. That should be interesting.

    Bryan, As far as I’m concerned, there’s no shame in a fundraiser. I haven’t worked for a year, and I’d still gladly find a way to kick a few bucks your way.

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